Mala Wrist Beads Bracelet

Mala Wrist Beads Bracelet

A set of mallah beads strung on an elasticated cord, perfect for wearing on the wrist. Each mallah comes in its own little recycled sari pouch with a lokta paper info card making it an attractive gift.


The number 108 is considered a perfect, sacred number in Buddhist traditions and corresponds to the number of names given to a deity or god. It also relates to the number of planets, the phases of the moon and even to the number of breaths taken in a day.


This style of rosary, worn on the wrist, contains a multiple of the typical 108 bead mallah so that they are easier to carry around.

These bracelets contain 27 which is multiplied by 4 to get the 108


Tassel and sari pouch colour varies.
Origin: Nepal