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Fantasia Twinkler Light

Fantasia Twinkler Light

The Twinklers are a quite magical projector lamp that look their best the darker their environment.

The highly polished acid-etched shades a filled with a string of a dozen multi-coloured LEDs that flash on and off at 3 different sequential flicker speeds.

There are 6 different colours in the LEDs, and the shiny interior of the shade multiplies the colourful points of light many times over to give a very busy effect indeed.

Rather fun in daylight, the Twinklers show their most sparkling effects in the dark when they project their amazing light show onto surrounding surfaces.

Fantasia Twinkler
A variety of shapes have been etched out in this design. The projections in the dark onto adjacent surfaces can be very 60's
Diameter:         8.5cm
Height:         16cm

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