Chichi Clutch Bag

Chichi Clutch Bag

These large cotton clutch bags are made with various panels from recycled huipils, a traditional tunic-like garment of Central and South America. The fabric from the huipils is often made with hand operated back-strap looms and can be specific to certain regions or even individual villages, each often bearing intricate and meaningful designs. Once the huipil has worn out through use, the material is often sold at the market so that it can be recycled and made into a new garment or item. The huipil fabric for these purses is produced in the Chichicastenango (affectionately referred to as Chichi) region in Guatemala which is famous for its weaving. The fabric of this area typically features intricate geometric and floral patterns.

The bag features a shoulder strap, six separate internal compartments for organising your valuables and each one has a large velcro clasp.

Approx: 20cm × 11cm

Origin: Guatemala